Spring 'Doing'

Not to lay a guilt trip on any of you gardeners, but....

Before we get to Spring, did you get all your garden planning done during the long, cold days of winter? Did you research the plants, shrubs and trees that will grow successfully in your region? Did that research include whether the plants need shade or sun? Any special care?  Do you know what garden pests are attracted to those plants? Any pruning needed?

Do we hear you gulping "ummmm...." ?

Trust us: that "get ready for Spring and Summer" planning will save you a LOT of frustration later.  So if you didn't quite get to it yet - now is the time. 

But on to APRIL, that lovely early Spring month when the air is fresh, the grass is green, the trees are in bud, and you can hardly wait to plant something. Anything.  But in most areas of the U.S. the ground isn't quite ready, so tap into that gardening energy and get some more prep work done.

Did you trim back your perennials last Fall, before Winter hit? No?  Then this is a good month for it.

Are your gardens and flower beds filled with debris and/or weeds? Start weeding and cleaning. 

Do you have grape vines, berry bushes or fruit trees?  Time to prune, before they flower.

Did any trees or shrubs have problems last season with scale or insects? Check for eggs in bark crevices and take action as needed.

Depending on how much time that took you may be up to MAY by now. Keep working. It will pay off this summer.

May is a good time to check If your soil is too acidic or too alkaline. If the former, you can add some lime. If too alkaline, you can lower pH by adding sulfur.  If you don't know how to do a soil test to determine this, call your county Extension office. You'll find the staff there to be a great resource for gardeners. (If your county doesn't have this service, visit your local garden center and get some pointers.)

All done? Good job! You're ready for Summer!