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Zero-hour REI granted for Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect and Hot Pepper Wax Natural Animal Repellent

Federal regulators have granted a zero-hour restricted entry interval for commercial applications of Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect Repellent and Animal Repellent. The REI adjustment and a corresponding label change were approved by the Office of Pesticides, an extension of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Instrumental in the re-designation was the Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division. The agency reduced the REI of Hot Pepper Wax to give a more accurate picture of Hot Pepper Wax's safety-to-risk ratio.

Don't bring in pests or chemical pesticides

GREENVILLE, PA-It is time to take charge even before your favorite patio plants are taken inside for the coming frosty mornings, whether they are selections that summered on the deck or newly purchased flower and foliage varieties. And Hot Pepper Wax, which makes insect repellent from cayenne pepper, a highly-refined paraffin wax and other natural ingredients, can help you be in control of bugs that raid your houseplants.

Hot Pepper Wax, Inc., based in Greenville, PA, suggests you first monitor your local weather reports for upcoming frost, which could harm or even kill your tender houseplants. Also, inspect your plants carefully before bringing them inside. Make sure to check the undersides of leaves where bugs may be hiding. Soft-bodied bugs, such as whiteflies and spider mites, may have taken up residence. One or two bugs may appear at first, and then all of a sudden, the plants are overrun.

One woman recently shared a story about moving her hibiscus from her patio into the house. The minute whiteflies, which resemble tiny flies, weren't apparent initially. However several days later, she discovered the pests had migrated to her favorite poinsettia. Whiteflies are often discovered only when you disturb or move your plants.

Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect Repellent will help get the bugs off. We suggest you spray the liquid repellent on every surface of the plant, even the undersides of the leaves.

Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect Repellent is available in 22-ounce Ready-To-Use and pint, quart & gallon sizes of Concentrate.

Spray on the heat with Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect Repellent, and get rid of the bugs.

Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect Repellent offers 'TLC' for poinsettias

GREENVILLE, PA -Thanksgiving and Christmas may be the last thought on your mind in the fall. Giving a houseplant for a gift is always appreciated, but please make sure the plants you select are healthy and bug free. Poinsettias are one of the most popular flowers to give at Christmastime. They are available in colors ranging from pink, to red, to white and any combination of those hues, according to our on-staff gardeners.

A couple of insects to look out for are spider mites and whiteflies. Whiteflies look like tiny white flies that take to the air when plants are moved or disturbed. Spider mites may not be visible until you gently shake a leaf while holding a white piece of paper underneath. Spider mites resemble specs of dust that will move when touched. As the spider mites begin to multiply, slender strands of webbing (somewhat like spider web, only not as intricate) may appear between the leaves. Soon, the leaves will take on a bronzed color.

It is important to start spraying poinsettias with Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect Repellent before the first sign of whiteflies or spider mites. Prevention is easier than a cure.

Hot Pepper Wax Insect Repellent, available in a 22-ounce Ready-To-Use spray, will help control those tiny pests. Our on-staff gardeners suggest you spray the entire plant, especially the undersides of the leaves, where the bugs can hide. Make sure you don't over water your poinsettias. They like to be well-watered and then allowed to dry a bit, our Hot Pepper Wax on-staff gardeners said. Check the moisture level by using an inexpensive water meter.

Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect Repellent, made from cayenne pepper, a highly-refined paraffin wax and other natural ingredients, has anti-transpirant properties; it helps protect against the stress caused by excess moisture loss. Sometimes moisture loss occurs indoors during the winter due to various types of home heating systems.

Hot Pepper Wax Natural Insect Repellent will control the bugs and give plants, such as poinsettias, a healthy appearance.

Revised Nov 2, 2009