Customer Feedback

We at Hot Pepper Wax have discovered over the several decades we’ve been in business that our customers like to chat with us. Maybe it’s because we’re a small company and our personnel are very accessible by phone and email. Maybe it’s because we’re happy to share knowledge about what works safely to get rid of specific pests – even when the answer might not be Hot Pepper Wax!

But most of the time the answer IS Hot Pepper Wax, as you can see from the following excerpts of customer comments.

Priceless Parrot Preserve, New York: Owners Gene and Marietta Avery say Hot Pepper Wax is the ONLY product they can use near their endangered birds. They use it to eliminate their whitefly problem and to keep deer and squirrels away.

Nancy C, Ohio: “Hot Pepper Wax spray has been wonderful. It seems to discourage cucumber beetles, squash bugs, and hornworms. The raccoons don’t seem to like the taste on the corn.”

Dana C., Pennsylvania: “Hot Pepper Wax has virtually eliminated European red mites from my orchard.”

Mary, New Hampshire: “Hot Pepper Wax keeps my cats from eating my indoor plants!” Norma, Pennsylvania and Vicki in Michigan say they love how well Hot Pepper Wax works on keeping slugs off their hostas.

California: a few homeowners have called to tell us that Hot Pepper Wax keeps their persimmons safe from squirrels.

Florida: A homeowner called to tell us that Hot Pepper Wax is keeping his mangoes and avocados save from squirrel raids.

Tennessee: a grower tells us Hot Pepper Wax helped with her Colorado Potato Beetle problem. Rhode Island: Tulip growers dip bulbs in Hot Pepper Wax concentrate before planting to keep squirrels, moles and other pests from destroying them.

New York City: An office manager is using Hot Pepper Wax to protect indoor plants from scale.