Good for the Budget

While we at Hot Pepper Wax are justifiably proud of our product because IT WORKS,  we're  also proud to offer a garden pest solution that doesn't bust your budget.

Consider, for example, our smallest concentrate offering: the 16 oz. bottle.

Mixing Hot Pepper Wax at the recommended rate for preventing insect infestation - one part HPW to 32 parts water*  - means that little pint bottle will make FOUR GALLONS of Hot Pepper Wax!

Add to that the fact that Hot Pepper Wax stays on plants (and shrubs and trees) around two weeks, EVEN THROUGH RAIN (say "thank you" to HPW's wax base for that nice perk!) and gardeners are likely to run out of summer before they run out of Hot Pepper Wax.

Plus, Hot Pepper Wax has a shelf life of around two years. We recommend that gardeners make sure the bottle cap is securely in place after using, and that the bottle is stored away from direct sun and extreme heat and humidity - but that's not too hard a task to make sure a good product stays "good," is it?

For use as an animal repellent, Hot Pepper Wax needs to be mixed at a "stronger" rate: one part HPW to 16 parts water.* Yes - still a really good deal! 

*Note: for maintenance,  you may be able to use a "weaker" mix and make using Hot Pepper Wax even more cost-effective. But remember that you have to get the bugs and critters that bother your garden under control first. Don't start "weak" and skimp on coverage  - that won't work for Hot Pepper Wax (or any other product, for that matter).